Three versions of this exhibition took place: Silvana Facchini Gallery in Miami, Florida, Coosa St. Pop Up Gallery in Montgomery, Alabama and the Miami Dade College Homestead Campus in Florida. I am considering this as a working titled for most of my current work and research as it encompasses a lifetime of interests and expressions.

"How it was installed" video

The physical essence of these sculptures and paintings is rooted in the accumulation of units and layers, the observation and appreciation of life forms, persistence and patience. Parallel methodologies and shared inspiration allow these Biomorphic art forms to coexist and evolve as a specious organic community.

From Specious Morphology in Montgomery, AL

(With special thanks to fellow artists, educator and gallery curator Becky Miller, MFA)

Fun Facts about Specious Morphology

-Over 3000 hours of work

-More than 20,000 wood clothespins

-More than 250 collected and treated snails

-Thousands of feet of galvanized, steel and copper wire

-Over 100 paintings and drawings

-Approximately 150 sculptural pieces (individual or as part of installations)

-All work made within the last two years

-7th formal exhibition with the Silvana Facchini Gallery

-Coralia was a collaboration with FIU Honors College

-All paintings created at the Deering Estate

-At University of California in San Diego (B.A. in Visual Arts 87) I studied, biology, organic chemistry, molecular biology and genetics. Their influential traces compose these new works.

-The exhibition will have traveled over 4000 miles before the end of 2015 (whole or partially). Individual artworks continue to travel to other shows as we speak, raking up miles and stories.

-It will also mark my first solo exhibition in Alabama and  Homestead, FL. USA.